SJ DAY - 4.08.17

By Haley Cardamon

San Jose Day was held on 4/08/2017 at Local Color in Downtown San Jose. The idea arose from a very similar event put together by a San Francisco rap artist, Equipto, called "415 Day". I saw that 415 day was being hosted to celebrate the native people of SF and I thought Wow... What a great idea. Who do I need to talk to to get this happening in San Jose? I Posted the idea on my Instagram and instantly started getting messages and support from my peers. I was further pushed by my colleges and close friends to do it, so I said "screw it, lets do it!"

At the time of the idea, I only had a week and a half to get a venue, and recruit artists to participate. I made a quick flyer to get the word out that I needed artists to participate. After 24 hours I had over forty notifications between text messages, Instagram messages, and emails from people wanting to participate. I was completely blown away by the support and interest people were giving to SJ Day. Within a week I gathered roughly twenty visual artists, seven musical artists, and six vendors. We we're even lucky enough to have War Radio come and do a live podcast, interviewing guests about their experience at SJ Day, podcast posted below.

The whole purpose of SJ Day was to celebrate and embrace the culture of San Jose. All artists and participate of this event are San Jose natives. I wanted the audience to see a wide variety of art so if someone from another city came, they could see what San Jose was about.

We had a community mural wall, where all are welcome to draw or write what they feel. At the end of the night, it was quite amazing to see all the wonderful things people drew and wrote about San Jose. I think the mural wall truly represented San Jose's community.

Overall the event was very successful. The executive director at Local Color claimed it to be the biggest turn out they had ever had. This event was a huge learning curve for me and my career. My self and my team are very excited to do more events like this.