FAME 2017


By Haley Cardamon

The seventh annual FAME was DOPE. This was my first year attending FAME, I had no idea what to expect from this event, but it is talked of very highly. The event was held at the Mexican Heritage Plaza on the Eastside of San Jose. What a great venue for this kind of event; A huge runway surrounded by lowriders and fashion booths, an area for art, a building for cosmetics and body art, and even an building where a concert was held.

I was blown away by the backdrop installation. The brinks complimented the colors of the lowriders so well. 

When you first walk into the venue, you enter the art section where artists were selling their art and doing live paintings. There was a great mix of artists for this event; something for everyone to enjoy. I was able to help out with a wheat pasteup piece by Abe Menor and Abel Gonzalez. Abe, a photojournalist, used a selection of his photos and pasted them up forming the word "FAME". Abel outlined the letters. I was able to help and paste up some pictures.

So much live art; body painting, live sketching, paintings, murals, and even painting on cars. Hella Massive and Dranks and Draws had a live sketching session with their muse, Stephanie (@stephonita).

In between musical performances, dancing circles formed. Being that we are in the Bay, these circles got real hyphy. THIZZ stickers across girls chests, B-Boy styles in the mix, and thizz faces across the crowd. SJ got down last night... I mean don't we always? 

To end the night, FAME put on an amazing fashion show. A diverse group of runway models wearing awesome attire; street wear meets high fashion. I was able to get in a good spot at the end of the end of the runway to put my camera to use. Great music, amazing lighting, beautiful people. I got some great shots of the models in action.

FAME was an amazing event; sparking new ideas for creative projects amongst artists and inspiring all of us to keep doing what we love. Thank you to the FAME team for putting together something this dope in San Jose.