The Second Annual San Jose Day 2018

By Haley Cardamon

With a different approach than our first San Jose Day, April 8, 2017, this year I individually selected each artist instead of open submission. I hoped to curate a show with a diverse selection of artists and talents. 

The artists selected for this year's show are hot shit. They're up and coming. I chose these artists to display the uniqueness and meaning San Jose holds. This select group of individuals are forward thinker's, especially when it comes to the future of San Jose. Each making decisions that will better the community they are involved in. This is the San Jose that I want to be apart of.

You'll see me say this in Issue No. 3 (predicted to release in July 2018), "The Best of San Jose". And wow. . . Isn't that a bold statement? Damn right! Not only do I say this based on their body of work, but also by the active roles they play within their community. We all have a similar ideals on how we want to see this city grow.

I had so much help putting this show together, I truly wouldn't have been able to accomplish it all without the help of my collages. SHOWTIME. . . 7pm and the door is open! I arrived a tad late, and I was completely blow away by the turnout only thirty minutes in. With Brandon Roos spinning vinyl hip-hop/soul, the vibes were right. Not to mention the individually unique pieces of art presented.

I was very excited to unveil the small documentary, "# Do It For SJ", that John Atomos and myself put together. I must admit that the concept of this short video changed so many times. With the short time allotted, John really put together a great short from an immense about of content. Kudos to John! Unfortunately we did run into a bit of technical difficulties when it came to sound. After a few stressful minutes of trial and error with multiple different sound outlets, we finally were able to make it work! Thank god. All in all I was overly pleased with what was presented, and the amazing amount of support.

To close, I'd really like to say that appreciate the love and support I received from this show and from building my magazine. Not only am I thankful for people like you reading this, but Breezy Excursion brought some REAL San Jose love to the table. Breezy's team was incredibly helpful and provided me with a great space to create! 

Below are some images taken from photographers: Abraham Menor & Briana Gardener