Shepard Fairey: DAMAGED

By: Haley Cardamon

Downtown Los Angeles, November 17, 2017- December 17, 2017: New works by street artist Shepard Fairey- Most well known for his stencil and wheat pasting work and eventually for OBEY clothing.

Damaged was dedicated to showcasing social injustice in today's America. Fairey's message from the very beginning of his art career has always been about media/advertising culture in America. He used his art as a way to help people open their eyes to realize the media was corrupt- "OBEY". One thing we could all use is a little bit more of is media literacy; what's real and what's fake, and how do we tell the difference. Almost all media we receive today comes from "The Big Six"- CBS, General Electric (GE), News Corp, Disney, Viacom, and Time Warner. The Big Six make up about 90% of all media we receive. And yes, they have an agenda (surprise!), a message they want us believe by persuasion (ethos, logos, pathos. . . remember this from high school? They taught us this for a reason).

Touching bases on issues within sexism, racial prejudice, environmental responsibility, bias towards unfamiliar culture, media and Wall St. corruption, as well as political corruption.

His pieces full of color, and his classic stencil style depicted faces of foreign cultures (non-American) with phrases and aged propaganda (e.g.. " Smile. . . I know!! Outsource all the jobs... But blame immigrants!).

I was lucky enough to be down south for the weekend, one week after the opening night. OBEY GIANT is one of my favorite street artists. Back when I knew nothing about street art, OBEY was always something I thought was super dope. I love the rebellion against the media and advertising culture in America. It's a huge tool used against us, and most of us don't even realize it. Television is a discreet form of brainwash, along with the new coming wave of social media.

Going to Shepard Fairey's show was a really cool experience for me; I've never been to a big art show like this before. He had lots of free take aways, large prints and a newspaper, and the prints and merchandise was pretty fairly priced. I think he trys to be accessible to all.

 In the same day, driving all around LA I saw his paste up's in three different locations. A pretty cool way to end my Shepard Fairey experience. From the gallery to the streets, where it all started. . .

Just a few photos I took. . . click for more.