Haley Cardamon is a next generation creative from San Jose. She currently works with the arts non-profit, Exhibition District , helping the team achieve economic opportunities for local artists. Haley created the Bay Area art magazine, Bay Area Creatives Klub or B.A.C.K Magazine and the annual event, San Jose Day.

Bay Area Creatives Klub is a magazine featuring upcoming, inspirational and influential artists in the Bay Area. B.A.C.K hopes to capture all kinds of creative forms throughout the Bay Area. But the idea behind Bay Area Creatives Klub isn't just about a magazine. The idea behind the title is about community. It was created to become a network for artists and creative individuals to connect with each other to accomplish their goals and share their ideas. She strives to bring strength and awareness in communities within San Jose.

Haley is proud to have been born and raised in San Jose and is continuously studying the community and culture of the city.


Photo by Leopoldo Macaya